Tilemap feedback and suggestion


I would like to know if there’s a place to give feedback and suggestion on the tilemap feature somewhere on the forum?
Or could I do it here?

Hi @Arkogelul, you can do it in the forum or in github issues: Issues · aseprite/aseprite · GitHub

Both places are ok.

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Thanks David,

First of all, congratulation to have pulled that off. That is really massive. Thank you so much for this :slight_smile:

I wanted to know a few things.

-Is it possible to display the tile index inside the palette (on the tiles, maybe up to a certain zoom factor)

-Once in show tileset mode, I assume the tools are “modified” to behave in tile painting mode. And the eyedropper is suppose to “catch” the tile that I’m clicking on.
Would it be possible to click any where on the tile for tile picking, even in the empty space?

-That one I’m not sure but I’m telling anyway.
Would it be possible to offset the tile index display to top end corner of the tile.
And also display the index of the active tile (the one I’m painting with) would display its own index to the other side.
I’m saying I’m not sure because Pyxel works that way and I’m might be biased by a (bad?) habit.

-I was also wondering if the paint bucket tool could have a constraint to tile check box.

-Is there a way of managing the tiles in the tile palette (move them around to reorder them, multiple selection…) (btw, what are the 2 white triangles made for?)

That’s it for now :slight_smile:

Triangles are currently selected foreground and background tiles. They also shown below at the bottom together with their numbers in black font (except for tile #0 as special case of empty tile). To redorder tiles select one or more tiles with click+drag and then click+drag again on yellow frame border of selection to move them. Then click “Remap Tiles” button to remap old indices to new indices.

It’s a pity that moving tiles in Tiles window (as well as colors in Palette window) always reorder them instead of explicit deletion/insert whenever needed and just clearing in other cases.

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OMG thank you so much :slight_smile:
I had a custom theme that was not showing the frame border.
So there’s no way to display the index in the tile palette permanently?

I actually prefer reordering when moving things around like this. Maybe it’s just a habit I have.

Can’t agree here because it stops me from creating huge blocks of tiles easily. Any moved tile breaks the beauty of tiles and makes them a mess. Same for colors. On the other hand for tiles it could be ignored as we can create special Tilemap layer for tiles arrangements. But for colors it is quite messy. And yes, resizing side panel width will change the order anyway, but it is what I can tune up once for all projects.

By the way, what is the use of fg and bg tiles ?

I think like for foreground and background colors. Eraser may erase with background color, etc. But I didn’t check if it is working this way yet.

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Is there any CLI way of exporting the tiles of each tileset individually?