Tilemap for game boy


I’m new to the tilemap feature.
Can somebody explain me how it works?

I try to make a game boy tilemap which has properties:

  • 160 x 144
  • tile size: 8 x 8
  • colors: 4

Where do I have to fill in these values of the sizes in order to have a correct map for the game boy?
I already found the game boy color palette.

Hi @pixelartgirly, first of all I would recommend you to create a 160x144 sprite, then a tilemap layer

Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 17.13.03

And specify a 8x8 grid:

Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 17.14.14

Then you can learn about the different draw modes from: Aseprite - Docs - Tilemap

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Are the following things correct?

  • a tilemap layer has the same size as the canvas? So in this case 160 x 144? All other tilemap layers you add will all be 160 x 144

  • if you use the game boy color palette, the most light green doesn’t show any color on the canvas. Is this because it’s transparent?


  • how to change the grid size of a tilemap layer AFTER you created it?
  • can each tilemap use another tilemap’s tileset?

Actually a tilemap layer can be smaller or bigger than the canvas (in Auto mode tiles will be created/the tilemap will be increase its size when it’s required (in manual mode the tilemap size keeps it size/doesn’t grow automatically).

Yes, I think the only way to fix this in using rgb mode or indexed mode but adding a new color and setting that color as the transparent index from Sprite > Properties

At the moment it’s not easy, one possibility is to convert the tilemap to a regular layer again (Layer > Convert To > Layer), then change the grid size (View > Grid > Grid Settings) and finally convert the layer back to tilemap (Layer > Convert To > Tilemap).

Yes, but there are some features missing to handle tilesets easily. At the moment the only way to share the same tileset between two tilemaps is duplicating a tilemap (Layer > Duplicate menu).