Tileset Copy+Paste Not Working (For Me)

I believe I’ve found a bug in the Aseprite v1.3 Beta tileset mode.

In the tileset (not the tilemap), I am unable to copy a tile and paste it to a new tile index. It looks like the copy part is working, because ctrl+c shows the tile selected with the moving border, but then selecting another tile (even a blank one) and pasting does nothing. I’ve tried doing this on all 3 tile modes.

I was speaking with Adam and he said he’s able to do it fine, so something is up. Not sure what’s wrong so unsure how to reproduce.


I confirm. In 1.3-beta5-x64 I’m unable to copy tile content into another tile with Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V.

This operation may be useful to quickly replace tiles content with variations in Manual mode (not creating new tiles). Also it will eventually lead to request to be able to copy/paste tiles of corresponding size (or with quick resize) to/from clipboard too. Which also will be is useful.