Tiling tool to allow easier tiling of a texture

Currently, it’s too difficult and time-consuming to repeat a texture in Aseprite. I frequently use tiled sprites as backgrounds.

My current process for this is as follows:

  • Sprite > Canvas Size
  • Choose any corner
  • Multiply the size of the current content
  • Stitch the tiles together by copying and pasting and manually dragging it over (this gets more difficult/tedious the larger resolution I’m working with.

Ideally, I could input the number of times I want an asset tiled, choose the place it’d be tiled from and it’d tell me the final resolution. This would fit under the Sprite tab well.

Have you tried custom brushes? Select your sprite, hit Ctrl+B, set the mode to “Pattern aligned to source” and then you can paint it with the brush tool, or if you need to just fill in an area switch to the paint bucket tool.

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Thanks!! That actually solves my problem entirely.

Using custom brushes never occurred to me because I forgot that I could align them to the source.

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Aseprite already offers a “tiled mode” for previewing tiling textures, it just duplicates your art around, and updates it live. It’s in View > Tiled Mode.

Hey there, thanks it’s useful for previewing but sadly not for getting the image itself. The use case I described requires me to get an image out of it rather than just viewing it, though the solution offered above solves that.

Ah, I see. I misunderstood your post, sorry. I got confused with your other post and thought you were working on a tiling texture and wanted to check whether it worked.

In Aseprite 1.3, there is an actual tile mode where you can build your document out of tiles, and the tiles also live-update. Perhaps that’ll also be of use, at least for the case where all the tiling pieces are the same size.


That also sounds like it’d solve my case, thanks for the insight :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: