Timelapse feature

I always see artists doing timelapse videos for their works, and I feel like it could be very nice if Aseprite were able to store all the steps made from start to finish and in a way produce a timelapse.

It kinda already does that with Undo/Redo, but those reset whenever the file is closed, so maybe the feature could somehow build up on that.

I know I could just record myself like everyone else does, but it still would be nice having the option for that in Aseprite.

With Undo/Redo commands and current layer/frame available from Scripts one could write a script to generate new sprite with all saved Undo/Redo operations repeated and current layer/frame of image copied to sequent frames of this new sprite.

i think thats probaly for viewing after not working on it

For making video of it. So script would be Ok.

but if we are going only by undos and redos, theres plenty of things it ignores one example would be tranforsmation steps, i just acnkolages the end state and the beginning not the ones in the middle

also theres some people who just dont know how to do scripts and i think a timelapse feature would actually be a good addition for once

If you are still looking for something for this I found a script on Itch that works pretty well


Just checked this out and downloaded it. Thank you very much! I’m working on something right now and hopefully it works as I want.

Most programs’ built in recording tools work exactly like this, missing those intermediate steps. When you see those in a video, it’s usually because the artist recorded their screen while working.

You are a lifesaver