Timeline: moving more than 2 layers

Lets say i have 10 layers in my timeline. I create a group and want to move - lets say - 5 layers into this new group. I select layer 2…6 and move these layers by dragging with my mouse into the group.

Result: only the 1st and last selected layer become moved.

(Aseprite 1.2.3, on Windows)

Hi there! Are you selecting all layers or only 2 and 6? To select 5 layers you have to press the mouse button in one of them and then drag the mouse to the last one and release the mouse button, for example:

There is a difference between this (only layer 2 and 5 will be moved):


And this (all layers will be moved inside the group):



Thank you !
I got the Idea :slight_smile:

It seems the bug was in front of the computer :wink:

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