Timeline scrolling – Scroll wheel bug

Umm me again:D
I just bought Aseprite from Steam, installed it on my iMac and I sorta can’t scroll to the left in the timeline;-;

So normallly you hold Shift and you can use the scroll wheel to speed through the timeline… But it only works when moving to left (forward) for me… When I try to scroll in the opposite direction (backward), nothing happens. In the canvas it works normally.
I tried to toggle the scrolling direction in my computer’s settings, but it still only scrolls left. When i use two fingers on my Wacom tablet (aka trackpad) it works fine as well as the scrollbar in the bottom.

I haven’t tried it on Windows…

So why does the timeline hate my mouse wheel??

I use middle mouse click and drag to pan the timeline, does that work for you?
Spacebar+left click and drag also does that. Basically it’s the same as panning the canvas around.

Thanks for the bug report. This will be fixed for the next version.

This bug is fixed in v1.2.4.