Timeline within a timeline

I don’t know how to word this to make total sense but I was wondering if you could add a feature where you can make smaller animations inside of a animation and just stamp them in the bigger animation. Like if you have apple dropping multiple times from a tree, you could stamp the animation in different parts of the trees and different frames. This I feel would have alot of possibilities and would save time.

I think I understand what do you mean, like an animation of a forest where there is a tiger and the tiger moving his tail would be one animation and then the trees being moved by the wind would be another animation, right?

What would be interesting is the option to import gifs or ase files into a new layer of your current animation. And then, you just move the animation to the cells / frames where you want the animation to run. I dunno if that’s something one can already do.

yeah but more of the latter like making a animation that you can move around and copy without copying and pasting multiple frames and moving each coppied frames to a certain location without having to match each frame up together. It’d also be cool if you can could have the options for the copies to have their own atributes like to adjust the hue with color adjustment wihout having to going into the smaller animation without hue adjusting each frames color.
Sorry for asking for so much and don’t even know how possible this stuff is to do to attempt.
I really apreciate this program and honestly it’s hard to think of things this program doesn’t already have planned.Lastley sorry if my wording was less than understandable, I’m bad at explaining things.

something like a car with a wheel , and you want the wheel keep rotating and repeating the animation. then you add new animation for moving the wheel from left to right,
so it will move the wheel from left to right while the wheel keep rotating.
this sound like something from adobe flash it call movie clip
the video will explain more :

not sure if this what you want

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Yeah that sounds like exactly what I was thinking, thanks!

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There is an issue which I think is exactly the same feature:

A little out of scope right now, but maybe possible in a future with linked files/sprites.