Toggle opacity for non-active layers

Hello, I saw that you can enable the opacity for non-active layers and this is very useful!
I would like to be able to activate / deactivate it so that I can get a look at the full picture (I also use the preview window but I keep it small).

Is it possible to do that?

Now I’m using the “Flatten visible” command to do this but it’s quite dangerous (last night I saved after flattening all the layers).


hello, lukepass86. yes, you can. there are two ways:

  • go to edit → keyboard shortcuts (or hit ctrl+alt+shift+k) and search for “active”, only one available command should show up: switch nonactive layers opacity. select it and add your shortcut.
  • click with alt on visibility icon of a layer (the eye) - it will become isolated it in solo mode. when you do it again, all layers which were previously set to visible will be visible again.

Thank you the hotkey was exactly what I was looking for!

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