Too expensive for such an application

I think $20 is way too much for an app like this, it’s $13 on Steam but it’s still too expensive. It would be nice if you lowered the price of ASEPRITE.

Hi @Dredik0, thanks for your idea but there are no plans to lower the price.

compared to other payed pixel art applications, like pro motion ng i think its a fair price, and its on active delopment, thought it seems slow i think they are not a lot of actual developers, so its a lot in the shoulders of a small group.

and not only is this on the wrong tag, but i think you made this suggestion on bad faith, you ddint try to explain why or even suggest a what you think would be a “good” price, and them theres the fact that steam constantly puts it on discount too, if you keep an eye for a while im sure you can get like 60% off

and mind you steam takes a 30% cut of it, so my guys here are only receiving 14 bucks in ideal circunstances, and they are also kind enough to regionalize the price(as a brazilhian i much appreciate thx).

you can also compile the github version and use it as you like, thought you’re gonna have to compile again every time an update drops.


This program is so good that it’s litterally use by professionals, how 20$ is too expensive ?
You still have free alternative if you can’t afford it, like paint or gimp. But if you wan’t something as powerfull as aseprite you’ll have to pay at some point. that’s how it is.


i dont think aseprite is more powerful per say, its just less clunckly compared to alternatives. and again you can always just compile it yourself and use it, thought its an extensive tutorial to follow.

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I honestly think Aseprite is incredilbly good value for money. I’ve only been using it for a few weeks and I keep finding little tricks and tools all over the place! I appreciate the value of money is often subjective depending on everyone’s circumstances, but I the amount of effort and attention that has clearly gone into Aseprite, I think it’s price is more than fair!

what do you mean its open source and free, paying for it is a courtesy to support the hard work and time it’s teams dedicated to provide a product us users stand to make substantial income with. I cant imagine another field and tool with such high potential payout that’s available at such an accessible price. Literally anyone working any wage can budget it and then make a career using it.