Transparency overriding layers below?

I’m using Aseprite through Steam (v1.2.40-x64) on Windows 10.

Is it possible to place a layer above other layers and place a “transparency”-pixel in that topmost layer that will override any (non-transparent) pixels in any layers below?

In other words, for example: Let’s say there is a layer completely filled with red pixels. There is an empty layer above this red layer. In the empty layer, could you place one or more pixels that would result in transparent spaces in an exported png? So that you could see anything behind that png (and therefore also behind the red pixels from the red layer) through the areas marked in the layer above the red layer.

Thanks in advance!

hi, Fabian. atm there are no features which would allow masking, clipping or stencils. masking is much requested feature and it is planned to be added eventually, but it’s still long way ahead (v1.4).

here’s what you can do (how much any of these is going to be useful depends on what you plan to do):

  • you can erase a selection from all layers at once (make a selection, select all layers in timeline stack, hit delete).
  • you can limit area where you can paint by selection. you can even save that selection or use hidden layer and ctrl+click on it to reselect the area as needed.
  • you can also use indexed mode (create specific color which will serve as transparent index - its useful to have it as first color in palette, then export indexed mode image, open it, edit transparent color in palette so it has alpha of 0, save image). but in this case it’s probably faster to just erase stuff instead.

Thank you for your reply. I am very new to drawing and did not know what I was asking was called masking - had I known that I would have realised that there was another question about this already asked. Sorry about that and thank you again!

PS: I love Aseprite.

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