Trouble saving as an 8-bit BMP or PNG

I’m trying to make some textures for Quake. Quake requires 8-bit images and thankfully the palette is readily available. Out of the 256 colors in the Quake palette I’m using 19. When I go and save my sprite to a BMP or PNG (required to package into a .wad for Quake) I’m getting an error. The properties of my saved BMP and PNG says it’s a 32 bit image.

I didn’t use too many techniques (overlays, jumble, and 3x3 blurs) in creating this texture nor did I pick any extra colors outside my loaded palette. Any reason why my images are saving as 32-bit?

Note: I did try and switch it to Index mode via Sprite → Color Mode → Index. While this did save it as an 8-bit the image coloring was WAY off. Thanks for any help