Trying out pixel art

trying to learn how to do pixel art while crying my eyes out. kinda hard to focus but i’m tyring. And I haven’t been too motivated for pixel art rn but when I get some done i’ll make sure to post it!<333 :heart:

edit: i’ve pulled myself together finally and i’m working on trying to learn how to draw a simple animal. Any videos that I could watch to try and learn?

edit # 2: nvm. back to crying.

i still dont know if you a troll account or not, but if you need help finding learn resources i recommend you check the pixel art academy learn mode demo on steam, its phenomenal to get your motivation going

as well as their learning resources
Retropolis Academy of Art Study Guide
and if you still hunger for more pixel knowladge here some good forums:
Pixel Art Tutorials - The complete Pixelblog catalogue — SLYNYRD
Pixel Joint Forum: The Pixel Art Tutorial
Pixel Joint Forum: COLORING “I dont get it”

and here are some more specific learning resources:
MiniBoss • Pixel art tutorials
Pixel Art Tutorials - Saint11

i recommend you go searching around for some pixel art streamers, join their community, it helps a lot in the start of your journey to have people around you.

Thank you sooooo much! :pray:

Thanks for sharing this, I didnt know Pixel Art Academy! Definitely gonna check it out!

its a early demo but its very fun alredy.

It is awesome! Just tested, cant wait for the full version =D