Trying to learn to draw pixel art

I just started using Aseprite and I love it. I’m still very new to digital art and drawing in general. I’ve been watching a lot of youtube tutorials (MortMort, Pixel Pete, HeartBeast), some vids on Skill Share and signed up for a class on Udemy. But I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. I just want to draw pixel art and not for the game design aspect of it. There is a youtube channel, Estudio Vaca Roxa and he makes some fantastic artwork but unfortunately I only speak English so I can only follow the visual part of it. And I really need some serious hand holding. Are there tutorials out there where people are describing the process of pixel drawing? Or even online tutoring? Thanks

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Idk if helps but i just leave it here:

You can also find others people work to get inspiration in reddit, twitter, pixel joint, pixelation

This is fantastic! Thank you, I’m off to work!

These are some good YouTube tutorial channels I would suggest checking out.

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