Trying to save an animated gif with opacity less than 130 will result in no transparency saved

Last Version of Aseprite.

I have tried and replicated this error:

  1. Make in 1 layer a doodle.
  2. Make a layer 2.
  3. In that layer draw something that does not overlap with the layer 1.
  4. Create frames.
  5. Create an animation on layer 2, no part of what you draw must overlap with layer 1 in any frame.
  6. Give it opacity lower than 130 to layer 2, where the animation happens.
  7. Export is as an animated gif.

Like this:

The transparent animated part won’t appear in the result file, it will only appear if it’s higher than 130 AND it won’t be transparent.

When i exported it the result was just a black sphere, no transparent red part.

Hi @Atoli, actually GIF files don’t support alpha, and that’s the main issue here. GIF only support fully transparent pixels or fully opaque pixels (it’s a limitation of the GIF format).