Turkish Mytology Game

Hi! This my new artwork for my game. Game is about Turkish mythology.


You’ve got me curious. Could you share some insights into Turkish mythology? Did any particular aspect of it inspire you to create this piece of art? By the way, I find the fluffy clouds quite interesting, but the background gradient feels a bit too uniform. If you’d like, you could add some variety to the blue sky gradient by incorporating more rounded shapes.

Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile: Turkish mytology is very smilar to other mytologys. There are good gods, bad gods, spirits, underground world and tree of life where good gods live. There is Tengri ‘‘Tanrı’ in modern Turkish language’‘. It means god. His reflection in earth called ’ Ülgen Han’. He is also god of goodnes. Of course there is a lot of gods but the 2. most important god is ‘Erlik’. He is very smilar to Hades. He is not just a evil guy who doing bad things because he is bad. Old Turkic peoples believed that good couldn’t exist without evil and because of that they didn’t believe Erlik was just evil. I realy love that part. There isn’t too many sources you can research compared to the other mytologys but ı am sure you can find things in english.

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Also if you want to learn ı am 15 years old and doing this arts for my school project. One of my friend is programming the game and ı am doing other stuffs like images, levels, animations etc. I want to be a game director like Hidetaka Miyazaki. Also you probably understanded that English is not my native language. I’m just a Turkish guy who is realy curious about video games.


ana ekranv3
Hi guys! Here is my new artwork. Me and my friend are working for a game based on turkish mythology. This is for main menu background. I am open for critiques and suggestions. Have a nice day!

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Great job! I have a couple of suggestions for you to consider. Firstly, I recommend desaturating your image to identify any areas that may be too bright. Secondly, try using the preview docker to see how your image looks when zoomed out.

Desaturating the image will help you identify areas that may appear too bright, such as the tents (assuming they are tents) that seem to lack shadows, making them appear out of place. Additionally, the river bank appears to slope uphill towards the end. Nonetheless, your image is impressive, and you and your friend did an excellent job!

Thanks for your reply. I will use your advice in my upcoming drawings. And if you are interested in about our game, we have a discord server with my programmer friend. I can add you if you give your discord. Anyway, thanks for comment. Have a nice day!

Hello there! This is my new art for opening cutsene. For guys who are interested in about game, my discord name is ‘‘bulutbaylan’’.You can add me and ı can give you demo of game. Have a nice day!

Somehow it reminds me of an old classical painting


The name Erlik reminds me of a Robert E Howard story involving a Texan Gunman nicknamed “El Borak” who somehow found himself working in and adventuring in Arabia and parts of Afghanistan

Erlik was something worshipped in a part of the place over there, in one of those stories

Hopefully you keep going with your work. Most people as far as I can tell, don’t know much mythology besides Norse and Greek and Egyptian Mythology. So a piece of fiction based off Turkish Mythology sounds cool.

Thanks for reply. I dont know Erlik’s connection about Arabs. He is very smilar to Hades. And this is my Erlik painting. Have a nice day!

You really have improved, good art! :grinning: