UI not showing any signs of the color you selected when your alt scrolling

so i noticed a while ago that sometimes when alt scrolling the thingthat its on the up left on the color in a palette doest show, i didt report because i didt know what was causing, but apparenly when im doing some with the tilesets and the i go to a normal layer it happens and it stays like that until i restart the program.

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What thing? Triangle?

It dissapears when you in Tiles mode. Because it’s in Tiles palette now.

Expected behaviour would be to change current tile with Alt+scrolling when you in Tiles mode. But nope (1.3-beta5).

Also when you scroll palette entries using scrollbar it shows you frame around palette, so you could assume that the mode was switched, But nope, to switch the mode you must press Show Tileset button.

This is even more confusing when press Right click on Show Tileset button and only tiles are seen, because now Alt+scrolling changes current color, but you can’t see it completely.

yes the triangle, even when i change back to a laqyer that is not a tileset layer it still doest apper back and it doest apper in any other file i open, including the ones that doest have any tileset layer, it comes back to normal when i restart the software

I see. To make appear back just switch to Tilemap layer and Left click any color in the palette. Then it will switch back to Palette mode for palette cursor. This is a bug, naturally @dacap

no it appers back but it doest move with alt scroll like it should