UI scaling on 4K monitor

Aseprite currently doesn’t support UI scaling on high DPI screens.

I currently run a 4k monitor with Windows built in UI scaling set to 300%, but Aseprite is nigh on unusable at that resolution as it isn’t effected by the systems scalings. I know the program uses a custom UI, and I’m nowhere near an expert on the matter, but would it be tricky to implement high DPI scaling?


Hi Jake, could you try a bigger scale in Edit > Preferences > General > Screen Scaling? Generally 400% should do the job on high-DPI displays (e.g. Surface Pro), but I didn’t try Aseprite on a 4K display yet, so if you need something bigger I can add more options in a future version.

Brilliant, that’s exactly what I’m looking for! Not currently on my 4K display, but I’m sure it’ll do the job. If I don’t reply, consider this query solved.

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