Unable to Adjust Hue/Saturation on Single Layer

I’m trying to adjust the hue/saturation, specifically the lighting, to a single layer and selection, but no matter what I do, it adjusts the whole image since it darkens the palette. Any ideas?

Okay, I got that working, but I have to say, adjusting the lightness on this is really messed up and horribly inverts the colors. Not what I want at all. It’s really bad.

Hi @ClyffeSmash, it looks like you are using a Indexed image when you are expecting the behavior of a RGB sprite.

You can change the color mode from Sprite > Color Mode > RGB Color menu and try using the Adjust Hue/Saturation option again.

Oh, well thank you. That worked as intended. Sorry for seeming upset last night, it was very late and I was very tired.

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