Unable to export png file with transparent background

Hi, whenever I export my files in png, the transparent background turns white for some reason. I made sure that the background has an alpha of 0 and the file is also in rgb mode. I don’t understand why the png keeps appearing white instead of transparent.

I hope you can help me and these are game assets that are implemented into Gamemaker.

that’s strange. does it appear it has a white background or does it really have a white background? this question may sound stupid, but i made a test now and rgb png exported with transparency will show in xnview as having white background, but when opened in gamemaker or aseprite, the transparency is there.

The layer’s background is transparent but when exported and viewing the image file in png, it has a white background for some reason. I uploaded the file to google drive and when downloaded from there and exported to Gamemaker, the background turns back transparent. It’s pretty strange.

In most image previewers in Windows, the file explorer and a browser like Chrome, PNGs with a transparent background or an alpha channel with some transparency are usually loaded with a white background, but that’s just a visualization glitch. The PNG should be saved with your original settings.

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Ah ok that explains the white background in the image previewer. Thanks for the help, really appreciate it!