Undeclared Dependencies in .deb installer for Ubuntu

Hello. I’m a Linux user who purchased Aseprite from the humble store some years ago and was trying to install Aseprite using the .deb file for Ubuntu. The .deb file I have is for version 1.3-rc6.

I’m going to preface this by noting that my use case is a bit unusual, as I’m running Aseprite in a Podman container, rather than installing it to my host system. As for why I’m doing it this way, it mostly boils down to the fact that my host system is not an Ubuntu or Debian-based distro, and I figured that spinning up a container using an Ubuntu base image would be easier and less likely to produce dependency issues than trying to extract the files from the package and repackage it for the distro I use.

When I tried to run Aseprite after I had installed it within the container, I noticed that it initially wouldn’t launch as it couldn’t find the the files libfontconfig.so.1 and libXcursor.so.1 within the container. On Ubuntu, these two files are provided by the packages libfontconfig1 and libxcursor1, respectively. I had to install those two packages within the container via apt, and while Aseprite seems to work perfectly fine now, this extra step could easily be avoided if these two packages were declared as dependencies in the .deb package.

I have to assume that this is a case where both Ubuntu Desktop and the graphical environments shipped in the various Ubuntu flavors and remixes already include those packages in the base install, while the container image, which is likely based on Ubuntu Server, did not.

I know my particular installation method is not quite the intended way of doing things, but even then, it would probably be best practice to have those two dependencies declared in the .deb package anyways rather than leaving them undeclared under the assumption that they’ll already be installed.


Hi @Scribe, you are right, we’ll try to fix this for the next release :+1: