Undo can fail on accidental layer movement

I lately have been selecting layers by holding control and clicking on pixels within them. Unfortunately this quite often ends up inadvertently moving the layer, and so I invoke Undo and try again. But occasionally the undo command undoes the last thing BEFORE the layer movement, and it remains in the wrong position This happened a few times and I just assumed I wasn’t paying close enough attention, since the movement is often only one pixel’s worth, but I finally compared the active document with a slightly older version and could see that the positions did not match.
I am using aseprite version 1.2.35 in windows 7

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I have the same problem, when I select the layer sometimes accidenally it moves and when this happens I just press undo but doesn’t back, it acts it like always in that wrong spot.
You can see better if you import the file and then ctrl + z, it returns the file all wrong. I did this to check if a character was correct in 360º and it came back all bad

It happened to me too after flattening some layers, when I undid that the program returned me at least three steps more than it should have.

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@bimshwel I think it would also be helpful in this case to include information about the input device you’re using (touchpad/mouse/tablet).

It happens when I use a tablet, a wacom ptk-440, but it can also happen when I use a mouse, it just doesn’t since that is a heavier, flat-lying object easier to keep stable. My uninformed presumption is that a majority of users favoring mouse input is why few of them report this issue.

In my case it’s not a mouse or tablet problem etc. Sometimes the layer moves by itself. For example, a case that is happening to me a lot is that I have a character that I’m doing in 8 directions, so sometimes I import to see the 360º of the character, if everything I’m doing makes sense. When I press ctrl + z to return to the normal working state, some layers are out of order from where they were before.
As this file has a lot of animations, I save before doing that, close and return, it’s giving me a lot of headache, but that’s the way I managed it.