Undo history compare toggle

Sometimes I like to compare if the image looks better or the animation plays better with/without something. So I draw it in, look at it, and click back several undos in the history. click back to the present state, then have to look at the undo history and count the correct number of states and click the old state again.

In Photoshop, there’s a feature for this specific situation:

  • Click to state in history multiple items in the past “old state”
  • Hit Ctrl-z (now at present state)
  • Hit Ctrl-z again (back to old state)
    You can continue hitting ctrl-z until you make a distinction between which state looks better. This is often the most useful for subtle changes, but is very convenient for anything that takes multiple undos to toggle between.

This is a quality of life feature, so no pressure, just wanted to post it before it slipped my mind

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