Use pencil to erase without right click

Hi everyone!

Is there a way to configure Aseprite so that the pencil automatically either switches to erasing pixels or painting in the background color when clicking on a pixel that is already set to the foreground color? I think I remember that Photoshop in the 90’ had this feature (haven’t used Photoshop since).

My use-case is for when I want to edit sprites but only have a trackpad, where right-clicking sucks, and don’t want to repeatedly hit E and B to witch between the pencil and eraser. It throws me out of the flow.

Or is there another way to improve my situation?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

hi, feuermurmel!
yeah, photoshop’s pencil has auto-erase feature, but afaik it doesn’t erase, it paints with background colour. aseprite doesn’t have that.
when i’m using tablet, i press X to switch background and foreground colours. if one of them is mask, then it will erase stuff. sadly, this doesn’t work for custom brushes.

Hm. Thanks for the hint about using X. I’ll see whether I’ll get used to it.

Ok, no this isn’t working for me. I can’t get into the flow when I need to actively switch tools or colors to switch between painting and erasing pixels. I’ve come to the conclusion that to draw pixel-art I need a tool where erasing (or painting with a different palette entry) is either done automatically when clicking on a pixel that already has the foreground color or can be done by holding down some key (like alt switching to the eyedropper but e.g. switching to the eraser instead).

X, E and B all don’t work for me because they are all persistent changes (don’t revert when releasing the key), this means that I constantly have to check which tool or color is selected and react to that. I’ve ADHD and in my case it means that my concentration just drops to 0 after a few times that I click to paint but the wrong color/tool was selected. :frowning:

i see. although i wasn’t diagnosed with adhd, i often struggle with focus as well. it’s a neverending fight.

well, i guess you can change the category for this topic from help to features. maybe this option will be added one day.