Using Huion GT With Aseprite only selects eraser

So, I’ve been trying to use aeseprite with my Huion GT-190, and it refuses to draw. If I select the pencil with the tablet pen, it automatically reselects the eraser. Then, if I try to select the pencil with the mouse, it will select, but the second I place the pen down on the tablet, it selects the pen again.

I’ve power cycled the tablet, changed which usb port I was using, tried using the tablet without the HDMI plugging in, tried running Aeseprite as an administrator, uninstalled/restarted computer/reinstalled aeseprite, then tried updating aesprite, and none of these have fixed the problem.

I know that this is not an issue with the tablet in particular because it is working fine with other programs. I’ve also used lower end wacom tablets with aeseprite and they’ve worked fine. It may be a specific problem with how the tablet is interacting with the program.

The only temporary remedy for this was that I went into preferences, and selected use native mouse cursor, and it fixed the problem for a little bit before reverting to it’s previous state.

I would really like a resolution to this problem, because I really enjoy using aseprite more than any other pixel are program.

Thank you for your time.

I too am having this issue!
I use a huion INSPIROY and it is only selecting eraser!
A quick fix would be quite needed ;v;

Hi there, could you please try this solution (on Steam you can add this option in the Aseprite properties, like adding –debug, but instead of --debug you can add --disable-wintab).

i don’t know if this is the correct place to comment about huion tablet issuem, but…
i have a huion kamvas gt 191 and somehow when tracing vertically, the line won’t draw. only can draw lines horizontally. almost in diagonal but when you start the drawing horizontally, you can go up and down. any idea?

I’ll try to look to this issue for Aseprite v1.2.14 (today we’ll release v1.2.13 because it contains a critical fix, but I’ll try to check what is happening with Huion tablets, at least I have a Kamvas Pro 13 to test).