UX Suggestion - Enable "Opacity' for Groups

David, I have a small request - can you please enable ‘Opacity’ for groups.
I tend to organized a ton of my work under a group, and going into each layer and changing the opacity for each individual layer is a bit cumbersome

I’d love it if I could just change the opacity of the entire group at one shot.

For reference: here is how Photoshop behaves with group opacity + Layer Opacity
A) Control - Group 1 - Group Opacity and Layer Opacity = 100%
B) Group 2 - Group Opacity =50%, Layer Opacity =100%
C) Group 3 - Group Opacity =50%, Layer Opacity =50%
D) Group 4 - Group Opacity =100%, Layer Opacity =25% ( this is a reference for comparing Group 3 and Group 4. They produce the same color value.

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