UX Suggestion - Enable "Opacity' for Groups

David, I have a small request - can you please enable ‘Opacity’ for groups.
I tend to organized a ton of my work under a group, and going into each layer and changing the opacity for each individual layer is a bit cumbersome

I’d love it if I could just change the opacity of the entire group at one shot.

For reference: here is how Photoshop behaves with group opacity + Layer Opacity
A) Control - Group 1 - Group Opacity and Layer Opacity = 100%
B) Group 2 - Group Opacity =50%, Layer Opacity =100%
C) Group 3 - Group Opacity =50%, Layer Opacity =50%
D) Group 4 - Group Opacity =100%, Layer Opacity =25% ( this is a reference for comparing Group 3 and Group 4. They produce the same color value.


+1. This would be a very useful feature for sketching as well. I will draw the sketch as a collection of layers so I can move stuff around until it feels right then group the entire collection of sketch layers. Being able to preserve their individual layers instead of flattening everything would be a fantastic upgrade.

i’d love to get blending modes for groups as well


Sorry for the lack of information about this one, but we’d like to add opacity for groups (and blend mode), but it will require rewriting the render code, so: there are plans, but it will not be in the short-term.