V1.2.12 just crash

I downloaded the v1.2.12 and I love the new features but is the first time that I have issues with the software. It crash suddenly and the recovery tool is not being usefull. I tried downloading an older version but the Humble Bundle link only bring me the v1.2.12. Pleas fix that bugs I been working very well whits his program but in the last days it has been impossible work for more than 5 minutes.

Hi there, I’m sorry to hear that you’re suffering from sudden crashes now. If you have a Humble Bundle account you can check if you can download the older version from there.

Otherwise I recommend starting Aseprite and going into Edit -> Preferences and clicking Locate Crash Folder, then e-mail the Aseprite-crash-1.2.12-x64.dmp (it might say too, whichever is newer, or both helps a lot too) to support@aseprite.org

Dave might be able to help you get an older version through e-mail as well if it keeps crashing.

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