V1.3 Tilemap Not Refreshing

I understand that it’s still in beta, but wanted to check whether it was something I was missing, or if it’s going to be updated.

While creating tilemaps on the new tilesheet, when there comes a point where I change my mind and completely alter a map, the old one remains as a tile, despite the fact that I am no longer using it, and it no longer exists.

For example, as a test, I built a tilemap, then added a river, and decided it wasn’t needed, so replace it with something else. When it came to me reviewing the tilemap, I noticed there was still a tile for a river.

When I went into the tilemap and specifically deleted that tile, everything reshuffled on screen, and I was offered a button to refresh the tilemap. I clicked it, and it fixed things, but I note several unused tiles still appearing.

Am I missing an “update tilemap” button, or is it simply a process of deleting each tile manually?

The new tilemap is amazing, but this clean up at the end is taking a long time.

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