Vectorized aseprite - a new era

I really love how easy it is to animate with aseprite. I can do it in seconds. My problem however is that I find pixel art a little more difficult because every pixel matters, every pixel needs to help enhance the image you’re trying to create. So I’m wondering if it’s possible to incorporate vector with aseprite?

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Every pixel SHOULD matter. But there still could be added vector primitives layers I suggest:

  1. Quick dots-lines/arcs-fills rendered at finite pixel resolution for quick concepts and animation schematics, they should be easy to add/move/arc/animate/delete while still being EASIER to use than in traditional vector art programs
  2. NxN pixels blocky “vexels” layers with up-to-M-vectors-per-vexel-summed and smart rasterization, so you can draw line multiple times at get refined vector contour

But those are my suggestions. They are still very far from even plans (not talking about implementation) in Aseprite.

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yeah chief, this is a pixelart program not a general art program, every pixel mattering is the beuty of pixelart, if you want something akin to that i recommend using paint tool sai or krita using tiny brushes

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yup, vector layers would be great for example to draw and edit perspective lines. also curve tool - while actually being very close to vector drawing principle - isn’t the easiest to use now (bezier ftw). true vector shapes with their flexibility would help a lot.
on the other hand i would argue that the rendered shapes should stay aliased.
anyway, from what i understand by looking at Aseprite - Roadmap, path layers (for animation) are planned in v1.4, so we might get vector shapes as well? in my mind path layer sounds a lot like a specific vector layer after all.

adding to debate about means of pixel art:
i kinda disagree with idea that every pixel matters. the point of pixel art isn’t to put down every single pixel by hand. we have flood fills, custom brushes, gradients etc. and tools like that were always a thing even in oldschool painting programs. it would be unreasonably unefficient to do everything by single pixel brush. that would be madness. so… not every pixel matters, but every pixel can potentially make a difference - pixel in larger, single colour area is unimportant, pixel in face of a character can change a lot.
however, i’m certain that pixel art is generally much easier and faster to produce than vector art or high-res raster art - while small resolution and limited palette introduce specific problems to solve, they also help.

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it doest mean that you have to put every pixel by hand, but that every pixel needs attention

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imho that’s same and that’s where i disagree. when automated tools are used the attention to every pixel is simply not there. and it’s fine. it’s same in other art forms - attention to detail (in our case a pixel) is good where it’s needed.

however, my point is: the fact the aseprite is pixel art editor is not argument against vector tools.

I already suggested simple animatable (with operations to interpolate selected points across selected frames i.e. not fully automatically) vector guide layers (with also fills by clicking inside closed contour thus creating n-points polygons by points indices, indices kept same across frames, so fills kept too with select/copy/paste/add frame, until removed manually at some frame, fills not covered in this .gif demo):

Pixel art with vector-like capability to manipulate the image would be awesome. The result still pixel art but you can manipulate the pixel the way you can manipulate a vector.

Do you mean articulated morphs? Or something like my vector guide layers? Or movable/rotateable/scalable/skewable/freetransform sub-sprites?