Very laggy since v1.3 rc1?

I just downloaded the new aseprite version but it started lagging a lot when i use the brush
Im using a 16x16 sprite so its not very big, and my specs are
RTX 3060Ti
Ryzen 5 2600
16Gb ddr4 Viper Steel rams

But as i said, i dont think this is related to my pc since i was using beta yesterday and it was very fluid

Hi @LIUKRAST, could you please tell us if you are using a stylus/pen or a mouse (and how many DPI it uses)? Is the UI slow only when you use the brush? Or if you use other tool (e.g. marquee tool) it slow too? Could you try resizing the window? Does the resize operation is slow or fast?

I was just about to say that, now, i noticed that using my wacom one it is very smooth while the mouse is pretty laggy (running at 400 DPI). The UI is smooth. Resizing the window is also fast

That’s strange :thinking: (I was expecting something like 10000 dpi). Could you give a try to Edit > Preferences > Cursors > Crosshair Type = Simple Crosshair option?

Not sure if this will solve anything as the wacom is working correctly. Also I’m not sure if this is an issue from the update of from the devices/drivers. What specific wacom tablet/stylus do you have?

Nope, it only changes the style for the cursor. I use aseprite a lot, so i would have noticed before.

Im using a Wacom One 13

It looks like its actually lagging cause when i paint with the brush, a slow movement looks ok but when i move the mouse faster it then takes a second or something like that to draw the shape, even while im still holding the mouse button

Would you mind to give a try to the previous version to see if you can replicate the issue with the mouse? (to check if it’s something new in -rc1 or something already working in that way from previous versions) Contact us at and we can send you v1.3-beta21 to give a try and compare both versions. In case that you got Aseprite from Steam, please contact me from: Steam Community :: dacap

I sent a friend request on steam, i dont use much steam except from downloading/buying products so im not sure if theres other ways to contact you without a friend request

I’ve just sent you the v1.3-beta21 so you can compare if it has the lag or not as -rc1 version.

I’m seeing a similar lag when trying out 1.3-rc1 on macOS (12.6.3). I don’t have to even modify the image to cause it. If I pan an image around slowly there’s no problem, but speed up a bit and I get huge stutters.

Solved! The issue is probably related to Mouse polling. For those who have a professional/gaming mouse and can change it, mouse polling is the frequency at which your mouse signals the computer its whereabouts on the screen . Thats not an aseprite issue, as most games have the same issue with high polling rate.