Walter the slimey monster

I created this sort of slimey enemy. Of course, he’ll have laser beams and buildings on fire for a background haha

Meet Walter:


I’d appreciate feedback of course! Enjoy!


This kind of design is begging to have an ‘up-and-down’ bobbing animation with each step/slide.

I think a few specular highlights on the eye and around the body would help sell the slime idea more. Increasing the saturation would also help to make it pop out.

Not a bad start, I’m curious to see what other kinds of animation you make with this design. I get the impression it can transform into various shapes at will.


Thanks for the feedback!
I tried doing one pixel animation to give it like an “idle” effect. I’ll refine it to avoid that up/down movement and try to incorporate horizontal movement.
I didn’t even think about highlights, I’m going to do my research to improve my design.

This is also a wonderful idea! I’ll explore it further.

Thank you so, so very much for your feedback!