Wand and Bucket tools work continuously with click and drag

With the bucket tool selected, have it continuously fill the areas as i click and drag around the image. Same thing for wand selection. Then i wouldnt have to painstakingly aim at the right pixel to use them.

This seems like a pretty neat feature idea!

If this feature is added, I’d like for it to be optional (and probably opt-in, for consistency with other software), as needing to fill a whole bunch of adjacent areas at once seems less common (such tasks are usually done with increased threshold, or selections+grow*) and because it would make it easier to slip and fill/select unwanted areas.

I also think that if added, each additional fill/selection should generate its own Undo event, so that you don’t have to redo everything if you accidentally overshoot what you wanted.

* Incidentally, Aseprite lacks the ability to grow selections. Shall make a thread for this!

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It would both increase artist productivity and be an accesibility improvement. My tablet has really low DPI, so when im zoomed out this problem often occurs (having to spam click nearby the pixel i want until i finally hit it with the bucket/wand).