Want to Make Sprites in this style, but I Can't Tell What Sprite/Pixel Size These are or What my Settings Should be?

Image was the Sprite Sheet of Shingo from King of Fighters R-2. Removed as I did not realize the person who made the sheet did not want it reposted. Here is the link to the original site I found it on. Neo Geo Pocket - The King of Fighters R-2 - Shingo - The Spriters Resource

So one of the reasons I got Aseprite was to make characters I like and OC’s of mine in the different styles of different games. The first one’s I wanted to try was that of the sprites of King of Fighter R-1 and R-2 on the Neo Geo Pocket. I downloaded a couple of sheets like this for reference, but I can’t tell what pixel size these are or what I should make in my settings in Aseprite to make my own in the same size and style. I’m using the most recent version of Aseprite at the time of writing btw, 1.3.6.
I would appreciate any help for a newbie to sprite making and this software.


You can just load the sprite sheet into Aseprite and use it as a reference. When the sprite sheet is in the correct size (which this one seems to be) then there should be nothing more to it.

Hope that helps^^

On a side note: Maybe delete the picture when you question is answered. The originator seems to ask not to re-host the sheet in that little box there.

Do you know how to do that? Like I said I’m very new to this and maybe I just missed the feature. Also thank you for pointing out the no repost thing. I completely missed that, I’ll be sure to delete it when I’m done.

Yeah, sure.
You can either right-click->copy on a picture in your browser, then open Aseprite create a new sprite with File->New… (If you have an image in your clipboard the new sprite dialog should have the correct size already) and then paste the image with Edit->Paste, or, if you have the image saved on your device just open Aseprite and use File->Open to open the image.

After that, just create a new layer and you can draw over the image with your own characters :smiley:

Got it working! Thank you very much for helping this newbie out. lol

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I don’t know much help this might be but this youtuber has a view videos where he tackles neo geo type pixel art. He is very thorough on his methodology in my opinion.