Way to skip frame?

Is there any way to skip an entire frame while playing an animation? For example, I have an 8-frame animation and I want to skip over the second frame to see if it looks better without it.


Hi @istopballs, actually that’s not possible, you can set the frame duration to 1, so it would be almost imperceptible, but this is not an ideal situation.

I remember that there were two feature requests about this:

I’ll think what can be done for a future version.

Is there any news about this ? I was looking for a way to mute/skip a frame but it doesn’t seem like it’s possible for the moment.

Hi @Richard_Villareal, at the moment there is no way to skip/disable a frame. But it’s planned for future versions.

Cool ! I would definitely use it to speed up my process. By the way, thank you for the 1 frame tip, it does the job well enough for now.

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