We have a estimate deadline to get the 1.3 version of Aseprite?

I want to start saying that I love Aseprite, and I’m using this tool to create my new video game.

Said that, the 1.3 version of Aseprite have an approximate date to be release?

Happy pixeling.

Hi @malonso! Next week we’d like to release v1.3-rc7 with several fixes, and the next week v1.3. Anyway the current v1.3-rc6 is pretty stable. You can get it in the beta channel of Steam: Aseprite - Beta or directly from your Humble Bundle library.


Sounds great. I prefer to wait for the “stable” final version, because I have little time to draw sprites of my videogame and I don’t want stuck with an error in the process.

See you in the 1.3 version :dark_sunglasses:

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