We need a nativ IPad Version

You have an executable version, please give it out. I know your argument that comfort and usability on a tablet is not the same. But manufacturers like ProCreat or Affinity Designer or whatever they’re called can do it too.
They are a lot more complex in terms of scope.

Aseprit is the best pixel art tool in the world and I don’t want to miss it. many who are not heard here wish that.
Make it true for us.

Greetings and many thanks for this great tool

Heyo! Native iPad support won’t come out soon, but it is planned for sometime in the future. I doubt they have an iPad version ready at all yet, however.
Plus, demanding someone give you a paid (but compile yourself for free) piece of software for free isn’t the best way to get it.

Nobody wants it for free, how do you come up with such nonsense. I just want to be able to work decently on the go and don’t want to steal from anyone.

we dont have any mobile version, much less to a specific software(apple too which is more annoying to get into the store)

first i would cheer for a mobile version before anything, and that version ist coming up soon.

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I apologize, it just sounded like you’re demanding it be released, though yeah I guess I did say you wanted it to be free for you.

Hi everybody! an iOS version is planned, but these are the steps to work on:

  1. Make the whole UI more customizable, e.g. dockable elements, etc. (there is some work-in-progress about that)
  2. Create a better UX on tablets/surfaces or for stylus-only (without keyboard)
  3. Complete the iOS port (we have some work already done, but still need a lot to make it available)
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