We need audio! Please!

Why cant you add audio to Aseprite? Most animations in the world have audio!

Please +1 one of the existing requests for this feature instead of making yet another duplicate. If all the votes are spread out between a bunch of threads, then it looks like there are fewer people who want this feature than there are.

This is the oldest feature request/tracking issue for this feature:

It has a “low priority” label but I’ll change it as there are plans to integrate some audio layers in future versions (maybe v1.4?).

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I think it would be great to have audio too, it wouldn’t have to be mp3, it wouldn’t even need to export. It would be helpful if it was in sync as an uncompressed wave you could scrub on the timeline to sync up character voices. The only issue I see is frame rate is defined in milliseconds and not frame rate per second Even if it were some sort of plugin to Aseprite- I’d be happy.

I think in the future I’m going to make the mouth sprite animations in asprite and then have them as brushes in clip studio until Aseprite gets audio support. While I like Clip Studio EX, the brush and the responsiveness of Aseprite better and the pixel perfect brush gets along with my tablet better. I think this may play as a solution for now for us animators. I know making a program is a tough challenge.