Webp Reference layer transforms per frame. Can I apply that for the whole animation?

Hey, super new to Aseprite (and pixel art in general).

I’m not the best animator, so I wanted to use a animated reference layer to help me achieve a decent looking walk cycle. I figured out how to transform the layer to scale to match my resolution, but it only applies to a single frame. I tried with both continuous and discontinuous layers set on the reference layer with no change.

I can see there’s information along the bottom per cel displaying transform data, but I don’t see any way to access or apply it outside of attempting to replicate exactly what I did in the first frame again and again with the move tool. I’m coming from 3D, so I’m used to an animation editor of some source where I can see and edit these keys. Is there something similar in Aseprite that I’m just missing finding?

It’s not a huge deal - I can preprocess this outside of Aseprite to get what I’m trying to get, but if there’s a better way, I’d love to know.


hi, internet!
in aseprite you can select cels, layers and frames. so to transform multiple cels in a layer, either click’n’drag to select the cels in the layer or click on the layer name.
(usually) yellow frame will show what is currently selected. like in this example:

one thing about transformations and effects applied to multiple layers and frames: there are cases when only current active layer will show preview during transformation. it confuses people a lot, but once you hit ok or enter, the transformation will be applied correctly to everything selected.

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Perfect, Thank you!
Thanks for the hint on pressing Enter too, I was definitely confused by that.

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