Weird colors showing in gif

Hi everyone! I’d like to be clear, I’m actually very new in pixel art, so my knowledge is kinda small.
Okay, so now I want to share one problem that I don’t understand. I have drawn pixel art before and everything has been fine, but then I wanted to draw my first gif and this happens.
As you can see some objects change colors, when they are not supposed to change. Here’s the example, the red space ship must be red, but something weird happens to him.
Please I beg you to help me, I have spent almost 3 months to draw this and I’ll be very sad if this will be the end of it((.
If someone want my original file, I can share it, but promise that you won’t stole it.

Here is the image:

Thank you for responding!

hi frailtyman and welcome to the forum! first try to search if your issue wasn’t answered before, you have a same problem as described here: Exporting large animation makes colors go crazy - #4 by mich-spich
long story short: gif supports only 256 colours at once, and when i check your image here: PJ Image Inspector v2.0 i see number of colours being 256 so the reason is that you pushed over the limit of gif format.

export your image to png or - if you need gif file - try to optimize your palette and re-use as much colours as possible.

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You can try exporting as .webp but it’s not as easy to use online. Most websites don’t support it as far as I know.

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Olga thank you! This is good information and I’ll try to remember now about color limit. And as I see it’s only for gifs, png files has unlimited color support.

KashouC I’m actually not certain, what .webp is, but I’ll figure it out, maybe it will help. Thank you!