Weird issue with pencil shortcut key and eraser

I started having a weird issue recently where when im switching between shortcut b and e for pencil and eraser the pencil key just stops working and it just sticks to eraser and i am unable to use pencil tool until the problem randomly fixes itself. Most times its fixed by restarting aseprite but this time even after i restarted the the pencil shortcut is for some reason still bringing up the eraser tool instead. Also switching manually doesn’t work for any tool that draws on the canvas it only works for tools such as eyedropper and marquee tool everything else that actually puts something on canvas is automatically changed to eraser tool and its annoying.

Hi @Smokey, just in case, do you know if you have the Mask color selected as Foreground color?


If that is the case selecting a solid color should make the Pencil work again. Also check that you have the “Simple Ink” selected.