Weird selection square suddenly appearing when selecting layer and using magic wand very quickly

I believe this is a bug and it started to happen since the last version update. If one uses the move tool or ctrl+click on part of the drawing to select a layer, and right after that you swap to magic wand tool and click on the drawing very quickly on any place, a weird selection square will appear with no reason at all. I tested it with four of my projects and it keep happening, and its very annoying if you like to fastly swap those tools

It happens on both my pc and laptop.

Hi there. I was about to tell you that this isn’t a bug, because the box thing is a feature. When you double click with a selection tool it will select the current grid box that you are in. (View-> Show-> Grid)

However you are correct that this is a bug, because it counts the move click as the first click towards a double-click with the selection tool, and has further odd behavior. If you click with the move tool, then click with the selection tool, you get the box, but if you then deselect it and do it again the previously selected boxes will ALSO appear.

When you say the last update, do you mean v1.2.9 right? (from the screen recording it looks like you are using v1.2.9, not the v1.2.10-beta2)

For the record, my GIF is from 1.2.10-beta2.

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yes, Im using 1.2.9 right now, and I noticed this problem since then. Im used to do that quick swap+click since older versions and didnt noticed that issue until now. Now I checked the problem again and I can see one more detail. If I move my cursor 1 pixel before doing the final click with the magic wand, the bug wont occur, it occurs only if I click without moving my cursor.

Thanks, I didnt know it was a feature, anyway it needs some improvement, this bug is annoyng as hell!

Also I just updated my aseprite, the bug still occurs.

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