What do I keep getting wrong with the walk cycle?

All ican tell is that the left is wro’
Side Walk 1
Side Walk 2

Also I am using an iPad so harder time crossreferencing

In the top gif you need one frame in between. It looks like he’s doing kind of jumping jacks. The legs are never straight as they should be. Think of your legs when you walk. They are not always bent, usually the one making contact with the floor is straight. Just google pixel walking cycle and try to copy a reference.

That’s the thing l am any a cycle that I gol it does have the left leg touching the ground on them
Mislav Majdandi-Side View Walk Cycle

Till it switches to the other leg

Kudos for trying to work on a walking cycle! I immediately noticed the animation jerking backward with the character’s spine seeming to levitate towards the upper left on each other frame when the center of gravity should be mostly in place. The motion should be pushing their head in a straight-up-down motion. Because of how half the time the character is in the air, it looks like a skipping or jumping animation.

The next step might be to keep the head stable and work on the body until one leg looks like it is properly walking then worry about mirroring that motion for the front leg while keeping the head mostly in place, then add a head bob down on the low frames and a head bob up on the high and contact.

Very much reminds me of this.