What does Flattened do

Hello, so I just got Aesprite and was looking at an tutorial for it. After a while I was supposed to duplicate a group and edit the new one but after i duplicated it and moved the new batch to the extended canvas i got the blocked symbol over my pen like it was locked but i didnt do anything. However after that i Flattened the new group (cause the tutorial said so) and it worked again. Can someone maybe explain what my problem was and also what flatten does ?

Flatten merges the layers into one. In the case of a group, it merged the whole group into a single layer named after the group. Flatten is useful when you no longer need the layers to be separated.

Could it be that you were trying to paint with the group selected rather than one of the layers in it? Groups aren’t layers themselves, so you can’t draw on them.

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Ah that totally makes sense for both of my questions thank you sm for your help and explanation !