What does "Overlay Size" option do?

Specifically this option, under Frame Header > Thumbnails.
Overlay size

I can’t seem to find anything in the documentation, online, or here referencing this feature.

I toggle the checkbox, and move the slider, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Nothing in the thumbnails, or program, seems to change. What is it supposed to do? What is this option overlaying?

Hi there @jamesO2, when the option is enabled it will show a thumbnail in the timeline if you leave the mouse in one cel:


Oh wow. Ok, see I use a graphics tablet with direct pen-on-screen input. So my right hand was literally covering up that preview. I can’t hover my pen and also move my hand out of the way to see it. I plugged in an external mouse to check this feature out. But I primarily work with the screen-tablet, so this preview is practically unusable for me.

My suggested fix would be to have a “left-handed / right-handed” toggle button in the Preferences menu. It would be a simple fix that flips the position of this preview window, and other drop-down menus. This also solves some accessibility issues for all kinds of Aseprite users. For example, there some people use pen-tablets due to repetitive-stress-injury from mouse use, or have arthritis which makes a pen digitizer a medical necessity for pain/comfort reasons. It would be nice to include the left/right hand toggle for them too!

Windows has this kind of option built in for pen use, and is also an option in Accessibility settings (my righ-click menus on the desktop drop down-left from cursor instead of down-right).

I would still consider this a “bug” and not a feature request, because it is expected standard behavior for programs to adapt to pen-handedness in this way (most other Windows programs do). Especially for accessibility, like I mentioned before.

That said, I wouldn’t suggest to write some complicated code to detect specific pen devices like Windows does – a simple boolean toggle in the Aseprite Preferences menu for left/right hand menus would be preferable. :slight_smile:

This software is amazing, keep up the good work!

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