What frame duration equals 60fps?

Trying to set up Aseprite so that the animation speed I see when I’m animating is the same that my programmer sees when implementing, with as little fudging around as possible. We almost got the equation, but we hit a wall. What should I set my frame duration to so that it equals 60fps? Evry other program I’ve messed with goes by frame rate, not frame duration.

Hi there! Frame rate, FPS, means “frames per second”, so basically, to know what duration (milliseconds) each frame should have, you can divide the number of milliseconds in one second (1000) with your desired frame rate:

1000ms / 60fps ≈ 16 milliseconds per frame

Same thing for 30fps:

1000ms / 30fps ≈ 33 milliseconds per frame
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Awesome, thanks! I’ll send this to my programmer!

Gracias por la información.
Ahora que lo veo… ¿por qué el valor por defecto es 100 en los cuadros de animación?.
Yo propongo poner el valor por defecto a 16 ms -> 60 fps.

Thanks for the info.
Now that I see it … why is the default value 100 in animation frames?
I propose to set the default value to 16 ms -> 60 fps.

Actually anything that is not a multiple of 10 will have a minor difference exporting to a GIF file (because GIF file doesn’t support a precision of milliseconds).

Pero creo que la mayoría aquí hacemos pixelart para juegos, animaciones para juegos y ver la preview a 60fps que es lo más común hoy, me parece adecuado.

Al menos yo no suelo exportar mucho gif.
Para juegos nada, sólo para alguna animación que pongo en algún foro.

But I think most of us here do pixelart for games, animations for games and see the preview at 60fps which is the most common today, I think it’s appropriate.

At least I do not usually export much gif.
For games nothing, just for some animation that I put in a forum.

Programmer and I propose allowing the user to set the default frame duration, it would be helpful. As always, love this program, I would buy it again!