What happened to Aseprite?

I’ve been enjoying working with Aseprite for a long time now but recently a lot of strange things are happening…

1: Selecting a layer by holding CTRL and clicking on a sprite no longer works?? Where can I turn this shortcut back on? did it get changed to a different button shortcut?

2: Pasting a sprite no longer happens in the location it was copied. This happens in photoshop and I was always thankful that Aseprite didn’t do this but pasted the copied image where it was copied for easy and intuitive manipulation. With the newest release(s?) I have to look for the sprite i just pasted… Please don’t tell me this is intentional.

3: Strange selection when animating… Sometimes I’m in the middle of animating and I look down at the timeline and several layers and frames have been selected without me realizing it happened, which stops any normal input i have. If it only happened sometimes I’d be fine with it but it happens way more than it should. This is a problem I’ve had for a few months now and is older than the two issues above.

Are these bugs? Do I have to change something in the settings to bring old features back? I’m honestly very confused about why these things are happening as I’ve always found aseprite so easy to use and very intuitive, I can’t understand the design standpoint if these things were intentional.

#1 behaves correctly for me in 1.2.21, but only while using tools that don’t use the Ctrl modifier for other purposes (e.g. Select, Shape tools). You can double check what you have Ctrl assigned to in Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts > Action Modifiers, sounds like you want Ctrl assigned to Move Tool: Auto Select Layer. You can also change the modifiers associated with other tools to make auto-select layer work in more contexts.

#2 still behaves correctly (pastes in old location) for me, and I’m struggling to reproduce the behaviour you describe. Note that pasting from outside Aseprite pastes in the centre of the canvas, since those pastes have no location data associated with them.

I haven’t experienced #3 myself, but I also haven’t been doing much work in Aseprite recently so I might’ve just missed it. Do you perhaps use a touch screen or tablet, and might’ve brushed against it weird? Aseprite added tablet support in 1.2.18 (late April) though, so if you’ve had this for more than a couple of months, it’s something else. Could you have pressed keyboard shorts accidentally? The last possibility I can think of is that perhaps you’re running a script that’s selecting things, but I’d imagine you’d notice if you were doing that.

Thanks for replying!
1: It looks about right except Move Tool doesn’t say Auto Select Layer after it but also doesn’t allow me to change it. It looks like this:

Move Tool: Auto Select Layer — Ctrl — Move Tool

2: My bad! This only happens in Tiled Mode (both axes selected) (and I reached a point of frustration with not being able to work like usual with everything screwing up!) Still seems like a bug to me that should get tended to - This even happens on selections within the actual sprite in the center.

3: Started happening to me a few months back and could never understand why. It almost seems like a feature but it’s so easy to trigger by mistake that it becomes a stick in the wheel. Still not sure what causes it (Mouse click a fraction too long makes for a selection?)

1: If you hover over the row, you should get options to add and remove keys. What you have is the same as what I have though, so that should be fine.
In Tools, do you also have Move Tool (quick) assigned to Ctrl? If you do not, then you’re not in Move Tool mode when you press Ctrl so that auto-select layer won’t work, since that’s a special Move Tool feature. With the default settings, when you hold Ctrl, you switch to the quick Move Tool and enable the click-to-auto-select-layer feature at the same time. If you changed either of these, this behaviour would break.

2: Ah. That sounds like an issue. I haven’t used the tile tools myself yet, I use the stable releases.

3: I don’t think long mouse clicks on anything affect selections, it seems more likely to me that you’ve got either erroneous mouse drag signals coming in somehow, but I can’t imagine why ): If this happens on a regular basis, perhaps you could record yourself working with something like OBS and then after you notice the issue, watch the video to see what exactly you were doing when the weird selections happened?

1: Yeah, both of those shortcuts are CTRL so not sure what’s going on. Could this be some obscure bug?

2: I was using 1.2.17 and updated to 1.2.21 today to see if it would fix the issues :frowning:

3: That’s a good idea, thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry to bump this but I need to know what is happening with the Ctrl = Select Layer function. I have the pen tool selected, hold Ctrl (Can see the blue frame outline created around the layer), left click but nothing happens.

This is what the keyboard shortcut action modifiers look like.

Can I send you something else that might give away where the problem lies?

Hi @gustav_k, press the Ctrl key and then check the “Auto Select Layer” (with the Ctrl key pressed):


Now Aseprite saves your preference when Ctrl key is pressed (if you want “auto select” or not).


Oh god i can’t believe i missed that! Thanks that was it! :crazy_face:

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I missed it too! Even though I’m pretty sure I’ve looked at it before.

@dacap For blind fools like us, perhaps the shortcut preferences could have some reminder text clarifying that this is an option, e.g. “Auto-select layer (if enabled)” or something?

@eishiya yeah! I think the label is outdated (I didn’t remember that one), not sure what the Ctrl (Command) key should do when the Move tool is selected (if only switch the “auto-select” or put the checkbox as it’s checked when the Ctrl key is pressed)


I’d have Ctrl behave as if the checkbox is selected (even if it already is), so that the behaviour is consistent. Things like holding Ctrl to select layers become automatic for users after a while, so consistency is important.

Thank youuu