What if aseprite was a web app?

I am asking an open ended question here. Personally wanted to ask whether or not aseprite ever considered becoming a web application instead of a local application. I wanted to know if this was ever considered. Obviously, this would fall under “Completely new and radical ideas” and constitute a ton of work. I just wanted to know what it would take to get this done.

Mostly, I am interested in understanding what are the current limitations in resources to do something like this: people, know-how, time, funding, etc. I know very little about aseprite as it is and who is part of it.

My background is Software Engineering and I was interested in recreating some of the functionality of aseprite, but I thought to myself I shouldn’t do that - but rather reach out to you all about this. I would consider you all more domain experts than I am about pixel art. I’ve done some work with making images into pixel art in an automated way based on some research papers. This might be interesting to you all as a way to import images and automatically turn them into pixel art.

Mainly, my interest in pixel art is its use within making QR codes look good. However, that’s all a work in progress. This is not an ad or anything but I am going to link websites as a means of showing you what I mean. You can see kind-of what I am talking about over at qrtoad.com, and humanqr.com. I am hoping by posting this to extend an olive branch and see if there is any opportunity to collaborate and share resources (and if not, that’s okay too!).

Hi @DevManDan, this idea was considered in the past, but there are no plans to go further.

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I am a bit disappointed. However, I’m curious, why was it considered in the past? and if you can recall, what led it to be not pursued?