What is the maximum Layer capacity?(solved)

I am currently using many Layers for my sprite and have fear that there is a limit. So I wanted to know how many Layers can be used

I opened a new file and held down Shift+N.
Amusingly, it spits out new layers at a rapid pace!
I got to 1,052 before I gave up and decided it could handle enough for anyone’s needs.


Looking through the code, the hard limit is the limit on the size of a C++ std::vector, which is a huge (but hardware-dependent) number.

However, you will almost certainly run out of memory to hold the image data for those layers long before you hit that limit. The actual limit on your layer count depends entirely on the amount of memory you have, and the memory taken up by each layer, which in turn depends on the number of cels in that layer and the size of those cels. Smaller canvases and layers with only a few small cels take up less memory, so you’ll be able to make more layers when working with such files, compared to large documents with many large cels.