What is the most frames Aseprite can do?

I just started using Aseprite and I want to start getting into making pixel videos. I was wondering whats the max frames Aseprite can go to? I know like a minute of animating is 1,800 frames so I was wondering if Aseprite could even go that high. Thanks!

You can give a try to the demo version and check how many frames you can create. You will not be able to save your work, but at least you can have an idea (you can create a sprite with the resolution you’re looking for, create several layers, fill those layers, and start creating new frames with Alt+N, then you can clone frames from the timeline or clone the whole frames selecting all frames in the timeline and using with Alt+B several times to create 1800 frames)

As a side note, if the sprite will be too big (e.g. 1024x1024), the file could take a lot of time to save, and you will be better handling the animation in multiple files.

it does go over 2000 frames, it took me so fekin’ long to do that, not sure how far after that tho

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