What the hell with compiling

I’m really stuck up with this dumb process, I’m doing this for the FOURTH DAY, I’ve tried almost everything. I got depression cause every command fails at least 10 times, and when I finally got to “ninja aseprite”… It fails again (With lnk1120) but NOW I can’t fix it. I searched everything on github and community.aseprite. NOTHING HELPS ME, WHAT THE ---- HAVE YOU CREATED, WHAT SHOULD I DO FOR NOW, WRITE ANOTHER 100500 COMMANDS AND LOOK FOR 100500 ERRORS AGAIN?!

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Unfortunately it’s very difficult to tell what is causing your problems as it could be caused by pretty much anything.

If you are using Windows, all I can really say is to make sure you’re calling the vsdevcmd.bat every time you’ve opened a new command prompt because otherwise it will not work, and you can also try using the pre-compiled release of Skia for your compilation which should save you a lot of steps:

I am already using pre-compiled skia. It doesn’t work. The ninja fails with error lnk1120 and a lot of lnk2001, maybe because he somehow realised that the skia.lib is in the build folder, but it’s not. He doesn’t give a fuk about the location of lib.

Actually without more information nobody can help you. E.g. terminal output, what you got after executing each command, etc. Anyway, generally, the code is available for programmers that want to contribute more than regular users that don’t know what they are doing.

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That’s not a nice thing to say to the developers they have done an awesome job in aseprite.
And compiling the code is well documented in Github and if you are getting errors then most probably it means you’ve not followed the process correctly.
If you are really so fed up about writing commands and getting errors then why not just buy the program?
Instead of complaining about your bad experiences.